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New Community Fridge for Wareham and Sandford

Not Just Sundaes Community Cafe in Wareham

Avoiding food waste by giving freely to the local community

By the Rev Hilary Bond

I am sitting in Not Just Sundaes Community Cafe in Wareham watching a small but constant stream of people come in. Most come and take a seat ready to order coffee, or cake, or breakfast, but a few turn left and disappear into the room under the tower. Some come with children, others come alone, and one has a small and well behaved dog.”
“After a few minutes the visitors to the tower room reappear, smile their thanks and go out into the rest of the day. They have been visiting the new Wareham and Sandford community fridge.

Avoiding food waste at the Wareham and Sandford Community Fridge

The idea of the community fridge (which in fact includes a freezer and a few shelves) is to avoid food waste by giving free to anyone who chooses to come, items that the local shops might otherwise throw away. As much as possible goes into the freezer to extend its usable life, while baked goods and vegetables need to be picked up and used as soon as possible.

There are also recipe books and kitchenware available to borrow if you want to try out something different or need ideas of what to do with the produce that is available.

It’s good for the planet and maybe for you too. Come in and see. Everyone is welcome. And if you would like to volunteer to help with the project, we would love to hear from you too.

Wareham and Sandford Community Fridge is located at the Not Just Sundaes Community Cafe, South Street, Wareham, BH20 4LU. Open Tuesday – Friday 10-4  / Saturday 10-12.

Check out our Facebook Group or for more information call us on: 07837 108845

Wareham and Sandford Community Fridge Poster
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